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Have questions about SnapScan?

How do I download SnapScan?
How do I pay with SnapScan?
Will a merchant ever use a scanner to scan a code within my app?
What if I'm not with Standard Bank?
Will it work on my phone?
What if my phone is rooted?
How much will SnapScan cost me
How much data is required to download the app?
What are the benefits of SnapScan?
Where can I use SnapScan?
How do I send proof of payment?
Is there a limit to the number of transactions I can make?
What happens if I pay the wrong amount?
Can you query a transaction on my account?
What happens if I have an issue with regards to a SnapScan transaction?
Can I pay a friend with SnapScan?
Can I withdraw funds to my bank account from my SnapScan Wallet?
Why won’t my SnapScan Wallet work with Payfast or MasterPass?
Can I use the funds in my Wallet for Prepaid?
What if I‘m struggling to verify my app?
Does the airtime I buy with SnapScan expire?
Where is my prepaid electricity token?
Can I make online payments using SnapScan?
Will SnapScan work if there is no internet access?
What if my battery dies?
I have a problem with my phone: memory full, no data or broken camera
What do I do if I get a new phone?
I received an SMS from my bank saying I was charged for a prepaid payment, but I didn’t receive my tokens.
How do I join the SnapScan app beta testing community?
Is SnapScan safe?
Why should I use SnapScan rather than my card?
Who has access to my information?
Can merchants charge me after I make a payment to them?
How do I know the right amount is taken out of my bank account?
What if I lose my phone, or my phone is stolen?
Must I use my bank card PIN code?
What if I forget my PIN?
How many times can I put in my PIN?
How do I delete my account?
Will SnapScan work with my card?
Can I use my debit card to pay with SnapScan?
Can I use more than one card to make SnapScan payments?
Do I still earn points or rewards on my card?
What if I have an international card?
How do I change the card I’m using?
How often can I change cards?
How do I sign up to use SnapScan for my business?
What will it cost me to use SnapScan?
Do I have to have a Standard Bank account?
Can I use SnapScan on my website?
Do I need to be a registered business to sign up for SnapScan?
Why do I need to submit documents for FICA compliance?
How do I know whether a customer’s payment has been successful?
How do I purchase physical codes for my SnapScan account?
How do I link my physical SnapCode to my account?
Which ecommerce providers does SnapScan integrate with?
Does SnapScan offer any free ecommerce integrations?
Can I link SnapScan to my current point of sale system?
Does SnapScan have an API for systems integrations?
What if I don’t receive an SMS or other form of notification?
Does SnapScan offer recurring payments?
How do I join the SnapScan merchant beta testing community?
My customers are using SnapScan to pay, but the funds are not reflecting in my account.
It’s been more than 3 days, and the funds are still not reflecting in my account.
How do I get a monthly VAT invoice for my payments received?
How do I change my bank account details?
Why has my rate changed?
How high can my rate go with dynamic rates?
I have multiple stores, can they all be under one dynamic rate?

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