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Add joy to your payment process. Offer your customers a better way to pay with our convenient payment solutions.
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Snappy card payments

SnapScan Card Machine

Make sales and manage your business on the go with the SnapScan Card Machine. View your transaction history to identify and reconcile all your payments.
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Face-to-face payments

QR Code

Display your unique QR Code wherever you do business. Download a digital QR Code from your Merchant Portal or buy a QR Code stand from our online store.
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An illustration of a thought bubble displaying the payment options that are available via a Payment Link

Payment Link

Send your customers a Payment Link to make it easier for them to pay remotely. Send your Payment Link via email, SMS or social media, or place it on your invoices.
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Streamlined online payments

Ecommerce solutions

Offer your customers a seamless checkout experience. Our range of online payment solutions will provide your customers with multiple ways to pay.
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QR Code integrations

Point-of-sale integration
Seamlessly integrate your SnapScan QR Code into a number of point of sale systems for quick, convenient, and totally safe mobile payments.
Integrates quickly and easily with TabletPOS, Lightspeed, HumbleTill, Pilot POS, InteliPos, CloudOne, TallOrder, EasiPOS, Digitot, and TouchPOS. We also offer a partial integration with Vend
Point-of-sale integration
An illustration of a women sitting at a table using her laptop
Ecommerce integrations for online stores
Make shopping on your website super easy with our integrated online payment solutions.
Improved payment security
Fewer abandoned shopping carts
WooCommerce, Magento 2, Shopstar, OpenCart, and PayGate integrations available. We also offer a partial integration with Shopify.
API for custom integrations

Billing solutions

Get paid quickly and easily with integrated billing options to send statements and invoices to your customers. We have full integrations for Sage Accounting, Cryanic, Datamax, Healthbridge, and Nexion. Partial or manual options are also available, ask our team for more info.
Printed invoices

Printed invoices

Add your QR Code to your printed invoices so customers can scan to pay wherever they are.
Digital Invoices

Digital Invoices

Send your Payment Link with your digital invoices so customers can click to pay whether they’re on desktop or mobile.


Get paid on the same platform you use to communicate with your customers by sending them a Payment Link via SMS, email or social media.

Keep track of your transactions

We know that keeping track of who's paid you will help you streamline your workflow. We can help with that.
Instant confirmation

Instant confirmation

Receive payment notifications via the SnapStore mobile app. Calculate daily totals and filter by date range, reference or QR Code.
Easy month-end

Easy month-end

Check your daily settlement reports via email or download a CSV file to view your transaction list in Excel.


Identify who's paid you by enabling referencing on your QR Codes or Payment Links.
Calculate tips

Calculate tips

Enable tipping to help you easily identify which portion of a customers payment is a reward for good service.

How much does SnapScan cost?

It’s free to sign up with SnapScan, and there are no monthly fees. You only pay as you earn.

Pay one rate for all your transactions

Simplify your transactions with the SnapScan Card Machine. Pay R999.00 once-off for the device. After that, only pay 2.5% (excl. VAT) per transaction regardless of your monthly turnover.
Enjoy a fixed transaction rate
Accept tap, swipe, insert and scan all at one rate
Accept Mastercard, Visa and SASSA
No penalties for small transactions
No contracts or hidden fees

How it works

An illustration of all the items that comes with the SnapScan card machine.
When you purchase a SnapScan card machine, you’ll automatically qualify for the fixed 2.5% (excl. VAT) transaction fee. This fee will remain the same regardless of your monthly turnover.
An image of a SnapCode and SnapLink with the 2.5% excl. VAT fee linked to it.
As a bonus, this transaction fee will apply to all your SnapScan transactions. If you accept payments using a QR Code, Payment Link or eCommerce integration, you’ll still only pay 2.5% (excl. VAT) per transaction.

Our rates are dynamic

The transaction fee for our QR and eCommerce solutions is tied to your monthly SnapScan turnover. Start with a standard rate of 2.95% (excl. VAT). As your business grows, your SnapScan transaction fee decreases. We're on this journey with you.

Drag the slider to your expected monthly turnover to see what your rate will be.
R10 000
R20 000
R30 000
R60 000
>R80 000
Monthly turnover
*(excl. VAT)

How it works

An illustration of a fictional SnapScan business: the Snap & Go coffee shop
Imagine Snap & Go, a mobile coffee shop, has a monthly turnover of R20 000 in May. This is their first month with SnapScan. During this month, their transaction fee will be 2.95% (excl. VAT).
An illustration of an invoice stacked above a blue envelope
In June, Snap & Go will have a transaction fee of 2.8% (excl. VAT). Each month, the transaction fee will refresh based on the previous month’s turnover. As they grow, their transaction fee decreases.

Secure a special transaction fee

Is your monthly turnover more than R80 000? You could qualify for a special transaction fee. Fill in the form below, and we’ll contact you about a personalised rate.
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Someone from our team will be in contact within 2 business days.
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How it works

An illustration of a customer support agent
Once you’ve filled in the form above, our team will contact you to discuss your special rate. This fixed rate will apply to all your SnapScan transactions.
An illustration of a customer paying a business owner via SnapScan
This special rate is applicable to all businesses regardless of whether you do business online or in person.

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