We’re looking for a Compliance Manager

We are looking for a product and operations focused Compliance Manager with strong compliance knowledge and the ability to meaningfully apply this to our business without undue disruption.

As we continue on our path of being a customer-centric and product-led platform and we need great leaders to help us get there!

As our Compliance Manager, you will need to be willing and able to learn and collaborate with our Product, Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations & CX teams and acquire good knowledge of our payments platforms and any other systems that make our products work. This is essential to being able to apply your compliance knowledge to our actual products and not just generic compliance rules.

The focus should be customer-oriented - how do we make it happen for customers while ensuring that our products are compliant and meet the necessary regulatory requirements.

You will provide strategic direction to the organisation on compliance related matters; proactively advising and guiding the business on existing and emerging regulatory compliance requirements and for optimising customer screenings and verifications in line with regulatory and risk management requirements.

You will also be responsible for leading and managing a team of Compliance & Onboarding Agents and for executing compliance strategies to improve conversion rates of customer accounts.

This exciting position, reporting directly to our Head of Operations, is key to enabling the company to continue to deliver quantifiable value to our customers and help craft the future of SnapScan. It also provides our ideal candidate with a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Work with highly competent professionals in a great culture
  • Use your expertise to create and shape the principles that underpin the future of SnapScan’s products and platform
  • Assist with our scaling strategy as we approach a new round of funding (as our product offering and customer base expand we will need to build out our teams and evolve the platform to accommodate the expected growth)

If you can dive in and lead well then there is a massive opportunity to deliver impactful work into the market and to create an environment of learning and innovation!

Key responsibilities will include:

1. Strategy Design & Execution

  • Being part of the management team at SnapScan and contributing to the setting and execution of the company’s OKRs, strategy and culture
  • Developing and executing a customer screening and verification strategy in based on approved SBSA (Standard Bank South Africa) policy documents and advice and in accordance with FICA, KYC and AML regulations

2. Functional Leadership - Leading the Compliance Function

  • Providing clear direction for the organisation’s Compliance Function
  • Cascading the Compliance Strategy to the Compliance Team and translating the strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth
  • Providing clear direction for the organisation’s Compliance Function
  • Cascading the Compliance Strategy to the Compliance Team and translating the strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth

3. Day-to-Day Compliance Operations

  • Developing and maintaining compliance procedures, policies and standards
  • Guiding the Product Team to implement sound compliance strategies into our product development process
  • Ad-hoc project management work on projects with internal and external dependencies with a view to ensuring scalability, customer satisfaction, and supportability of the end solutions, products, and/or processes
  • Creating and propagating onboarding strategies and training material for various onboarding channels (e.g. SBSA sales teams and systems) to ensure continued compliance, minimal backoffice noise, and enable conversion rates
  • Assisting where possible in iterating the merchant signup processes with regard to FICA and verification processes to optimise for conversion rates of verified merchants.

4. Stake-holder Management

  • Liaising with relevant internal (Product, Operations, CX, Engineering & Sales) & external (Standard Bank) stakeholders to communicate SnapScan onboarding processing and to ensure continued compliance, minimal backoffice noise, and improved conversion rates
  • Overseeing and executing all back-office processes as they relate to the SnapScan sales funnel, including remote and face-to-face merchant registrations with assistance from a designated customer onboarding specialist(s)
  • Providing oversight of the execution of the Compliance Strategy where screening and verification is handled by other team members (including SBSA Compliant Workforce training)
  • Liaising with SBSA’s Business Compliance Officers to manage the regulatory framework, product updates and features as they relate to the compliance function, and any other regulatory framework management.

5. Team Leadership & People Management

  • Recruiting, onboarding and developing Compliance & Onboarding Agents and nurturing an environment where they can excel and thrive, and where deliverables are met
  • Conducting regular 1-on-1s and other managerial or team ceremonies to maintain the happiness and productivity of all team members
  • Embedding a culture of continuous improvement

6. Reporting & Metrics Management

  • Evaluating performance by analysing and interpreting data and metrics
  • Reporting on compliance conversion metrics and putting forward improvements

7. Innovation & Continuous Improvement

  • Identifying areas for Continuous Improvement and staying on top of new trends and developments in the fintech compliance space

This job may be for you if:

  • You are highly process-driven and have a passion for creating effective systems.
  • Comfortable with dealing with internal & external senior stakeholders.
  • You are relentless in your customer focus.
  • You relate well to people and easily establish good working relationships across all functions and management levels, working collaboratively and independently.
  • You’re level-headed and cool under pressure. When things change, you know how to roll with the punches.
  • You are emotionally intelligent.
  • You are adaptable and flexible to effectively deal with rapid changes occurring in the industry.
  • You have tenacity and stamina – you see each project through to the end, using solid organisational skills and attention to detail to achieve the best possible result.
  • You are able to operate at a range of levels – both in terms of big picture strategic thinking, thought leadership and getting into the data and analysis.
  • Basically, you will blow us away with your work ethic, your passion, your integrity, your attitude and your energy!

You should be great at:

  • Communication (both verbal & written) - this role is communication-heavy and requires frequent verbal and written communication with others.
  • Being persuasive
  • Team leadership, management and hiring
  • Planning, organising and time management
  • Stakeholder management at all levels, both inside and outside the company
  • Analytical and critical thinking to help find creative solutions to problems
  • Collaborating effectively with others, working in teams, building relationships, sharing ideas, resolving conflict

You are our ideal candidate if you have:

  • Any combination of relevant education and experience and/or related professional designations/ certifications in this field is highly desirable.
  • ~Relevant education:
  • ~~A bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as Law, or professional certifications in compliance (e.g. ACAMS, Risk Management or Compliance Management)
  • ~Relevant experience:
  • ~~A successful track record of 5+ years as a Compliance Manager managing and leading a Compliance Team (preferably in the Financial Services/ Payments/ Banking/ Fintech sector).
  • Industry knowledge and experience in Fintech & payments
  • ~Strong knowledge of:
  • ~~Financial regulatory regimes including conduct risk, systems and controls and regulatory reporting
  • ~~South African financial regulation
  • ~~Anti-money laundering legislation
  • Sound knowledge and experience in:
  • ~Leadership and coaching
  • ~Process improvement, design and implementation
  • Good understanding of data and how to use it in service of continuous improvement
  • Bonus points for previous experience in:
  • ~Scaling compliance in line with company needs and changes to infrastructure
  • ~Setting up compliance flows for new financial service products
  • ~Working with product teams/BAs to map compliance impacts and dependencies
  • ~Query compilation and data analysis.

The benefits of joining our team:

  • A competitive salary
  • 30 days of annual leave
  • A medical aid contribution/fringe benefit of up to R2 000 per month
  • An Apple MacBook and the necessary gear
  • A trendy office space with huddle rooms, a cafe, bean bags and all the equipment you’ll need
  • Discretionary annual bonus
  • Flexible office/remote working - you get to choose whether you want to work remotely or from the office, depending on the importance of critical in-person meetings.
  • Paid undercover parking (when working from the office) or city parking reimbursement when the office parking is full.
  • Lots of opportunities to learn
  • Mental health days
  • The opportunity to be part of a great team and culture!

If you’re interested in applying for this role and you meet the necessary requirements, please submit your CV, together with your completed application on the link below.